Faces From Other Places

Photographing people born outside the United States who are now in New York City.

Musicians Listening to Themselves

We all love listening or looking at our art...right?  This project will look into the faces of musicians in a headshot/portrait style  while they listen to a few of their own songs.  No where to hide. 


Music is a big influence of mine.  I'd like to take the love of music and the vulnerability we take on when we tell someone our favorite song and combine them into a powerful image.  To do this we'll be writing the lyrics on the subject's body for the image.  For the B-Side to this photo we'll be taking a set of lyrics from my favorite tunes to create a second image then releasing both images as a 'single' of sorts.   

Sam and Jaime

Part 1 - A Visit to New York

Exploring the lives and times of a young lesbian couple in a photo essay storytelling project.


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