Musicians Listening to Themselves

We all love listening or looking at our art...right?  This project will look into the faces of musicians in a headshot/portrait style  while they listen to a few of their own songs.  No where to hide. 

Faces From Other Places

Photographing people who were born outside the United States. 


Music is a big influence of mine.  I'd like to take the love of music and the vulnerability we take on when we tell someone our favorite song and combine them into a powerful image.  To do this we'll be writing the lyrics on the subject's body for the image.  For the B-Side to this photo we'll be taking a set of lyrics from my favorite tunes to create a second image then releasing both images as a 'single' of sorts.   

Sam and Jaime

Part 1 - A Visit to New York

Exploring the lives and times of a young lesbian couple in a photo essay storytelling project.


Please use this form or the addresses at the bottom to contact me if you see something you'd like to work on together.  Thank you!

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